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Development of an Execution Strategy Analysis (ESA) Capability and Tool for the Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF)


Natalia Saraeva *, William Nutt *, Ralph Stoll **, John Greeves **, 
James Voss **, Ian Miller **, Alan Keizur ***, Alyssa Neir *** 
* Argonne National Laboratory 
** Predicus LLC 
*** Golder Associates Inc.


An Execution Strategy Analysis (ESA) capability and tool are being developed to evaluate alternative execution strategies for future deployment of a consolidated Interim Storage Facility using a consent-based siting process per the Administration’s Strategy for the Management and Disposal of Used Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste (Strategy). Application of an ESA approach not only leverages but also goes beyond traditional project analysis tools. The ESA tool allows for ongoing performance assessment of the evolving project execution plan that takes into account significant assumptions, risks, and uncertainties throughout the project lifecycle. The ESA process and tool will be used to support the development of plans, budgets, and alternative execution/implementation strategies for meeting the goals of the Strategy. This paper describes the development of the ESA capability and tool and identifies the value of applying such a capability in implementing a long-term strategy for managing spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste.


WM Symposia


WMS Journal Volume 2, Issue 2

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January 2017

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Conference Paper