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The Recommendation of Public Engagement Commission on Spent Nuclear Fuel in Korea


Sungil Kim, Hojin Lee, Byungsoo Lee, Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety 


The Public Engagement Commission on Spent Nuclear Fuel Management was lunched and embarked on public engagement activities with an aim of presenting recommendations on the method for managing spent fuel to the government by June 2015. Therefore, a national policy, strategy and management plan for spent fuel will be presented in detail in the Basic Plan for Radioactive Waste Management where the results of public engagement activities will be incorporated. In consideration of Korea’s circumstances, permanent disposal facilities should be constructed and operated with the goal of 2051. For this reason, Underground research laboratory (URL) in the same area and on-site and site conditions of disposal facilities by selecting the site and construction process in 2020 should be started and the empirical study should be initiated in 2030. This study is expected to transfer experience of and lessons from determining national policy to countries that have not established their final management policy for spent fuel, based on Korea’s solutions to shortage of spent fuel pools and the formation of national consensus.


WM Symposia


WMS Journal Volume 2, Issue 2

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January 2017

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Conference Paper