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Cigeo, The French Geological Disposal Facility Project: Preliminary Design (APS) Phase


P.M. Abadie, F. Launeau, J.-M. Krieguer, T. Labalette, G. Ouzounian, ANDRA


The Cigeo project has been in the works for 25 years. Numerous studies have been conducted, increasingly associated with the Meuse/Haute-Marne site, with further specific research thanks to direct access to the Callovo-Oxfordian clay formation from the underground laboratory of Bure-Saudron. These studies and research initially aimed to demonstrate the feasibility of the repository. They also helped gain a high level of understanding of phenomena to support design studies and demonstrate safety. Transition to the industrial phase began with the development of a plan for delivering waste to the facility for disposal. The plan introduced sequencing for the various types of waste to be disposed of, and was optimised to determine the size of inspection, transfer and handling facilities. In describing the life of the repository and therefore the vision for its operation, it has become obvious that our generation should not impose choices on future generations. We must provide them with reference technical solutions, with the financial resources to implement them. It is also our duty to begin the construction and initial operating phases. However, because the facility will operate over several generations, we must leave a degree of flexibility so that they may reassess the options that we define and adopt their own solutions, as necessary. They will also benefit from operational experience gathered as facility operations develop. This is the context in which the preliminary design phase is being finalised in preparation for the detailed design phase, with the aim of gradual commissioning during the latter part of the next decade.


WM Symposia


WMS Journal Volume 2, Issue 2

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January 2017

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Conference Paper