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Evaluation of Current Knowledge for Building the Dutch Salt Safety Case


Jaap Hart, Jan Prij, Thomas Schröder, NRG Consultancy & Services

Geert-Jan Vis, TNO Geological Survey of the Netherlands

Dirk-Alexander Becker, Jens Wol, Ullrich Noseck, Dieter Buhmann, GRS Braunschweig Safety Analyses Department


This paper provides an overview of an evaluation for building the Safety Case of geological disposal of radioactive waste in rock salt in the Netherlands. The evaluation comprises the present knowledge about the safety and feasibility of geological disposal designs considered in the past, thereby classifying the information taking into account the methodology and structure of a Safety Case. The evaluation is performed as part of the Dutch research programme OPERA by a consortium consisting of GRS from Germany, and TNO and NRG from the Netherlands. Basis of the evaluation is the available Dutch and international scientific-technical information about geological disposal in rock salt, especially from the German and US programmes.

The evaluations have shown that although much knowledge on the topic exists, the available information needs to be integrated in order to develop a Dutch Safety Case on rock salt. For example, the characteristics of the Dutch radioactive waste investigated for disposal have changed considerably since the last Dutch research programme ended in 2000. This implies that the previously considered Dutch facility concepts for geological disposal in rock salt need to be adapted to the newly regarded waste types such as spent fuel from research reactors and large amounts of LLW, including depleted uranium. Introducing these aspects into the iteration towards a salt Safety Case would also require an update of the post-closure safety assessment.


WM Symposia


WMS Journal Volume 2, Issue 2

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January 2017

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Conference Paper