WMS Journal Volume 2, Issue 1

Publisher's Note

This issue of the WMS Journal focuses on radioactive waste packaging and transportation developments in the nuclear industry.

In developing this issue, the editors – Leif Eriksson and Harry Babad – called on Ruth Weiner with Boston Government Services, LLC to assist in the review of articles. My thanks to Ruth.

I’m pleased to announce that the Journal now has its own website – This site contains the first four issues of the Journal and will house this and all future issues. Very shortly, the site will have an upload function that will allow authors to upload papers for consideration by the editors. My thanks to Terry McDonald, our web guru at X-CD in Toronto, and to our WMS staff for this work.

The next issue of the Journal will consider siting of facilities for the storage, treatment and disposal of radioactive wastes. I am keenly interested in receiving new submissions for this issue. Until the website upload facility is done, please send your proposed articles to me at  Submissions should be sent to me by November 15, 2016.

Our next issue will contain a special feature which reports on the upcoming conference, Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle ’16 (ANFC16). You can get additional information on this conference at This is the inaugural event of WMS Australia Foundation, Ltd, a new part of WM Symposia. The Government of South Australia is in a continuing process of public dialogue with a possible outcome of a State sponsored storage and disposal operation supporting the global nuclear fuel cycle. The report that will be published in the Journal will be compiled by our three assigned rapporteurs – John Mathieson of UK NDA, Jasmin Craufurd-Hill of the Australian Institute for Regional Security, and Peter Palmato of University College London (Australia). I invite you to attend ANFC16 and participate in the process yourself.

WMS is accepting limited advertising for the Journal. The Journal reaches over 10,000 desks on a quarterly basis. If you are interested in advertising, please contact Jaclyn Russell at

As always, I’d like to thank the WMS Board of Directors for their support, our two editors – Leif Eriksson and Harry Babad, and the WMS staff led by Melanie Ravalin.  The Journal could not be published without their support.

I welcome your feedback, suggestions, criticisms and comments. 

Thank you,

James W Voss, EurIng, FNucI, CEng
Managing Director
WM Symposia
WMS Australia Foundation