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General introduction by Fred Sheil


Fred Sheil


This fourth issue of the WMS Journal focuses on decommissioning and decontamination.  D&D has been a major track at the Waste Management Symposia Conferences for many years and this issue of the Journal presents what has been judged the most informative papers from WM2015 and WM2016 to illustrate the progress made on D&D and challenges still being addressed.   

Although D&D has been undertaken since the start of nuclear development, the first major surge of projects followed the reduction in weapons production at the end of the Cold War.  This increase in projects necessitated the development of new equipment and techniques together with more effective ways of treating and disposing of the resulting wastes.  These developments have been reported at WM over the years.  More recently a second surge is underway with the increasing number of power reactors being shut down for both political and economic reasons.  With an expansion in demand, coupled with an aging experienced nuclear workforce, there is the potential for a resource crisis as described in the first paper


WM Symposia


WMS Journal Volume 1, Issue 4

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July 2016

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Conference Paper