WMS Journal Volume 1, Issue 4

Publisher's Note

This issue of the WMS Journal focuses on D&D activities in the nuclear industry. 

At the outset, I'd like to thank the following individuals:

  • Al Freitag, Consultant
  • Joseph Boucau, Westinghouse
  • Anja Graf, WAK
  • Rick Demmer, Idaho National Laboratory
  • Julia Tripp, Idaho National Laboratory
  • Fred Sheil, Consultant

I asked Al Freitag to form a committee to review D&D papers from WM2015 and WM2016.  He persuaded the others to help.  All worked to screen through a very large set of papers to come to the group featured in this issue.  My thanks to all.

A further note of thanks goes to Fred Sheil who has written the introduction to this issue.

This issue introduces the change needed to bring Journal articles into Google Scholar.  The essence of this change is that the papers are listed in two manners – first an abstract in HTML with a link to the full paper in PDF.  Don't ask me why Google mandates this, but they do.  If this is successful for the Journal, then WMS will make the change for all of its papers.  Our authors work very hard to prepare high quality publications, and this step should allow them to be searchable in the academic and research community.

By the time we publish Vol. 2, No. 1 in about 3 months, we will launch a new website for the Journal.  This website will have a portal for submitting papers for the consideration of the editors for publication.
The next issue of the Journal will focus on Packaging and Transportation.  We would welcome submissions for this issue.  Please send any proposed publications to me at no later than August 30, 2016.

The subsequent issue of the Journal will focus on facilities for storage and disposal of radioactive wastes, covering siting, development and operation.  Articles for the Journal should be sent to me by November 15 to be considered for that issue.

We would like to receive student papers for consideration of publication.  These can address any topic in the broad field of radioactive waste management.  Until the submission portal is operating, you can send these directly to me.

WMS is accepting limited advertising for the Journal.  If you are interested, please contact Jaclyn Russell at  The Journal currently reaches 10,000 desks on a quarterly basis.

As always, I'd like to thank the WMS Board of Directors for their support, our two editors, Harry Babad and Leif Eriksson, and the WMS staff led by Melanie Ravalin.  None of this could be possible without their support.

I welcome your feedback, suggestions, criticisms and comments.  Our goal is quality and I welcome your views.

Thank you,

James W Voss, EurIng, FNucI, CEng
Publisher, WMS Journal
Managing Director, WM Symposia