WMS Journal Volume 1, Issue 3

Publisher's Note

In this issue of the WMS Journal, we are presenting a collection of "papers of note" from WM2015. These are significant papers from WM2015, nominated by the track chairs of the WMS Program Advisory Committee and selected by our editors. 

I am still collecting volunteers to serve on the Editorial Advisory Board. The delays in setting this up have been mine, but my goal is to have the first Board appointed and working away by June of this year. 

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James W. Voss, EurIng, FNucI, CEng
Publisher, WMS Journal
Managing Director, WM Symposia

Introduction to WMS Journal, Vol. 1, No. 3

Introduction by co-editors, Mr. Leif Eriksson and Mr. Harry Babad

Decommissioning and Decontamination

Measurement of the Plutonium Hold-Up in Glove Box Before Dismantling - 15111

Using Spatial Statistical Methods To Determine an Effective Minimum Detectable Activity – 15681

Decontamination Methods Testing for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant - 15691

Waste Packaging and Characterization

Load Planning in the Dark: RH-TRU Waste Container Load Planning at Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico-15116

Tracking Radioactivity Content in the Spent Fuel Pool in PWRs – 15150

Testing and Versatility of the SAVY 4000 Nuclear Material Container – 15634

Radioactive Waste Management Strategy

A Paradigm Shift – The Key to Optimal, Defensible & Transparent Waste Management, Disposal & Remediation Decisions – 15236

Performance Assessment for Radioactive Waste Management

Incorporating Climate and Regional Setting into Realistic-Efficacious End States for Contaminated Sites – 15386

Performance Assessment Modeling of a Generic SNF/HLW Repository in Salt with Coupled Thermal-Hydrologic Effects – 15423

Characterization of Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity in Fractured Media Using the Multistep Outflow Method – 15461

A Summary of the Hanford Single-Shell Tank Structural Analysis of Record - 15526

Modern Sensitivity Analysis – 15651

Radioactive Waste Facility Siting

Siting Considerations for Consolidated Storage of Used Fuel in the United States – Assessing the Impact of Key Developments since Release of the Blue Ribbon Commission Report in 2012 – 15458