WMS Journal Volume 1, Issue 1

Publisher's Note

WM Symposia is launching the WMS Journal to add value to the global radioactive waste community, to those who present papers at the annual WMS conference in Arizona and to further the educational mission of WMS. Initially, the WMS Journal will be published quarterly. We hope to expand the frequency with the goal being a monthly publication.

The WMS Journal will present papers on radioactive waste management, decommissioning, site remediation, packaging and transportation. Each issue's topics will be selected by the Editors and the Editorial Advisory Board. The content will initially be taken from the extensive WMS paper archive and from invited and volunteer submissions.

Our intent is to present papers and articles that advance the science, engineering and implementation of the broad field of radioactive waste management. The papers may be highly theoretical, numerical or practical. We expect that some of the content in the future will come from the many academic institutions that are involved in this field.

To further expand the reach of each article in the global community, we are implementing a set of procedures to link the content of each issue to Google Scholar and other scholarly databases.  

In the initial phase, the WMS Journal will be distributed free of charge to the many thousands of radioactive waste management specialist listed in the WMS database.  At some time in the future, WMS may establish a subscription charge, but no firm plans for this have been set.

The inaugural issue presents papers published at WM2015 by authors in France, the featured country at WM2015. In France, there is significant state-of-the-art work being done on all aspects of radioactive waste management. We have selected high quality papers authored by our French colleagues. In addition, each issue will have at least one article focusing on the US Department of Energy.

In the coming issues, we anticipate focusing on developments in the UK (the featured country for WM2016), packaging and transportation, decommissioning, used fuel management and waste management facility siting. 
If you have an interest in submitting a paper for publication in the WMS Journal, please send me a note at

WMS is accepting limited advertising for the WMS Journal. If you would like to advertise, please contact

We are asking for volunteers to serve on the Editorial Advisory Board. If you have an interest in serving on this Board, please contact me by email.

I would like to thank the WMS Board of Directors for their support in launching the WMS Journal and to its first two editors, Harry Babad and Leif Eriksson. I would also like to thank the WMS staff including Melanie Ravalin and Danielle Adams who lead the production of the WMS Journal. I'd also like to thank Tom Brouns at PNNL for his help in pulling portions of this issue together.

At all times, I welcome your feedback, suggestions, criticisms and comments. You can send these to my email. Our goal is quality and I welcome your views.

Thank you,


James W. Voss, EurIng, FNucI, CEng
Publisher, WMS Journal
Managing Director, WM Symposia